I’m Zaidin Amiot, a Creative Technologist, based in Tokyo. I’m currently leading the tech team at Virtusize, a startup acting in the ecommerce space. I’m incurably curious and passionate about computing languages, solution architecture, and interactive creative experiments — especially generative art. Nowadays, I use Swift, Python, Elixir and the full JavaScript stack.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve done awarded work for numerous global brands, including Cartoon Network, Disney, Electrolux, Ikea, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Sony, Toyota, Volvo, or Wacom.

I lead cutting-edge projects in fast-paced environments, from pitch and concept ideation, to delivery and maintenance. I also drive R&D on nascent technologies, and devise innovation and production processes both internally and externally.

I’ve spoken about my work at conferences like The Future of Web Design and Frontend United.

Formerly employed by Mobiento / Deloitte Digital, Fantasy, and Casus Belli.